For more than thirty years we have been pioneering recovery programmes for adult ex-boarders. Our experience has shown that the most effective means is in therapeutic groups of men or women guided by a strong facilitation team. We call these group events ‘workshops’.

Our programme is open to those who were sent away to boarding school as children and who now want to  consider the effects on their lives and look for ways of recovery. The workshops are particularly suited to those who have never fully shared their experiences, as well as to those who feel they may not have yet fully lived their true potential, because they are stuck in rebellion, anger or distress.

In these workshops we will draw on the experiences and perceptions of the group as our prime source of material in order to build a context for understanding the past and choosing the future. We use a variety of methods and point not only to the possibility of changing behaviour patterns, but also to the value of repression and of survival mechanisms.

Participants are never required to go further than they wish. No previous workshop experience is necessary. There is no age limit.

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